Collect them all!

“The stories are fun to read. They are funny!”

~Aaliyah, 5th Grader

“The stories are engaging and thought-provoking!”

~D. Cain, Grandmother of 9

“The series is perfect for teaching sequencing

to emerging and primary readers.”
~L. Moots, Elementary Teacher


“The books are engaging, excited to get to the end!”

~C. Bonness, Retired Teacher


“Gracie is a very determined little girl!”

~A. Miller, Elementary School Social Worker


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Math on the Table

Two children excited about math, but, only one math worksheet... When Gracie finds a mysterious math worksheet on the table, she goes on a quest to find out how it got there. When she is not able to find out who it belongs to, she makes a decision that causes her to learn a valuable lesson.