Ten Sets of the Inspiring set of 5 poems, written by Dr. Grace LaJoy Henderson, designed to inspire educators, students and their parents. The set inlcudes: 10 He's Worth It, 10 Our Children, 10 Our Students-Our Foundation, 10 Diversity in our Schools, 10 Embracing Diversity. For a total of 50 posters! Perfect for display in school offices and classrooms. Poster size is 11X17.


He's Worth It offers encouragement to parents who are contemplating giving up on there defiant child. It offers empowerment to parents who are seeking renewed strength to continue to fight for their child. This poem represents the major challenge and responsibility that we have to continue to encourage our children and do everything in our power to help them to succeed even when our efforts seem useless.


Our Children reminds us that our children are special even when they behave badly. While this poem is a joy to read and somewhat entertaining, it represents the major responsibility that we have to love our children and help them to succeed regardless of how they behave.


Our Students, Our Foundation is an excellent way to show appreciation for our students. While this poem is a joy to read and somewhat entertaining, it represents the major commitment that we have to ensure our students that they are truly appreciated. Great for use as a tool for honoring and appreciating students and letting them know how valuable they are. Put it on your wall, give it as a gift, or provide a copy to every student!


Diversity in our Schools genuinely reflects the mission of our schools to deliver quality education while promoting diversity in our schools. While this poetic little book is a joy to read and somwhat entertaining, it represents the major commitment that our schools have shown for many years to maintain a productive, yet diverse, educational environment.


Embracing Diveristy is an inspiring quote by Dr. Grace LaJoy Henderson. Great for display in a school office or classroom. A great gift for educators.


Poetry Posters - 50 Posters

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