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This Softcover classroom set consists of 20 sets of all 6 books in The Gracie Series, for a total of 120 books. 


The Gracie Series, written and illustrated by Grace LaJoy Henderson, follows the lovable character Gracie as she gets caught up in funny situations.  Parents, teachers and librarians will enjoy sharing these engaging stories and listening as the children share their thoughts sparked by the discussion questions in the back of each book.  


The Gracie Series consists of six books. Each story was inspired by entertaining memories from the author’s own life, hence the name Gracie; teaching valuable life lessons while inspiring young readers to use reason, analyze and think critically.  Your child will love these heart-warming stories and so will you!  Collect them all! Buy the Classroom Set today!


Here are the descriptions of each book:


Popcorn Behind the Bush

A delightful little mystery about a tin of popcorn

When Grandma sends popcorn in the mail and Gracie does not receive it, Gracie goes on a hunt to find out if her family members can help her to decipher a note left by the mailman. Gracie is just about to give up hope when she finally solves the mystery!


Cake in My Shoe

A very determined little girl

Gracie makes a promise to her father, but comes up with a plan to break it when she sees her brother doing something she wants to do.


Water in His Face

Gracie loves challenges!

When Mother asks Gracie to help wake up Brother, she “jumps” at the challenge. But when her initial efforts to wake him did not work, she finally comes up with one last idea.


Math on the Table

Two children excited about math, but only one math worksheet

When Gracie finds a mysterious math worksheet on the table, she goes on a quest to find out how it got there. When she is not able to find out who it belongs to, she makes a decision that causes her to learn a valuable lesson.


I Trimmed My Edges

Grandma is coming over!

When Gracie sees her family members making themselves look nice for Grandma, she wants to look nice for Grandma, too! What she does causes her family members to become outraged. But Grandma responds in a way that only a Grandma would.


Puppy Ate My Shorts

One pair, two pair, red pair, blue pair

A naughty little puppy takes a bite out of Gracie’s new shorts two times. But after hearing wise words from Father, Gracie makes a different decision the third time around.

The Gracie Series - Classroom Set - 120 books

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