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Amazing Tale Of Loss And Love Gets People Talking

Dr. Grace LaJoy Henderson was abandoned by her biological mother at the very young age

of two. What follows this tragedy is triumph achieved by relentlessness, determination, and curiosity. And, Dr. Grace LaJoy documented her tremendously emotional journey to find her mother after forty-nine years in a four-book series that people can’t get enough of.

The books’ titles are, Finding Mother after Five Decades: A Story of Hope, Reuniting with Mother: A Story of Tenacity, After the Reunion: A Story of Acceptance and Diary of Emotions: Thoughts and Feelings. Dr. Grace LaJoy’s book series is a must-have for bibliophiles and true story lovers as her quest to finding her mother was inscribed in a very seamless fashion describing visceral true-life events.

As is Dr. Grace LaJoy’s memoir authoring is gradual, so is her path to find her mother. It all began when she first published the book, A Gifted Child in Foster Care. At that time of writing, the thought of finding her biological mother was something in the realm of the impossible. But life proved her conviction wrong. Not only has she found her mother, but she also wrote about how she did it in a series that is receiving a lot of positive reviews. The four-book series also functions as a teaching aid and promotes mental health awareness and the associated dialogue.

Dr. Grace LaJoy’s Finding Mother Series left Whitney Terrell, Associate Professor of English, the University of Missouri-Kansas City and New York Times author bubbling. He says how emotionally raw the book series is and how the story is told as it is, without any veiling and downplaying.

Many reviews are around the first book in the Finding Mother Series and are naturally so. Dr. Theresa Torres, Professor of Sociology, University of Missouri-Kansas City said that the emotional slate is high and it grips attention as the impact of mental illness is expounded in regards to Dr. Grace LaJoy’s mother. And of course, the first book gets readers hooked and creates the interest to read the other three books in the Finding Mother Series.

Finding Mother Series is particularly appealing to those who studied the English Language and English Literature, writers, editors, and educators; they are calling Dr. Grace LaJoy’s work powerful, honest, a good balance of positive and negative emotional flow---and that it possesses an authenticity that shines through.

Those who are yet to stock their bookshelf with the Finding Mother Series, it’s best they do it at the soonest. This inspiring series truly is a beacon of hope to those who lost and is found or those with the quest of searching for an estranged or long-lost family member or friend. Mostly, it makes an enjoyable read that tickles the heart and mind by a roller-coaster of emotions.

About the Author

Having authored over thirty books, Dr. Grace LaJoy Henderson is a prolific writer who has put her story of lost and found on paper. She received her Doctorate in Christian Counseling with an emphasis in Writing and Research. She has served as a psychology and college success instructor as well as an academic coach. Her publication and extraordinary story have been featured in the media. Not only she is an author, but she is also a poet, keynote speaker, workshop leader, and guest author invited by schools, libraries, and other pertinent organizations. As a multi-talented person, Grace LaJoy Henderson is the personification of divergent talents who makes the world a better place full of courage, resilience, optimism, and hope via her writing and other roles that she plays.


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