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Radio Interview - Dr. Grace LaJoy on KKUP 91.5

Please listen as Dr. Grace LaJoy Henderson talks to radio personality, Eric Hayslett, about finding her mother after 49 years.

Eric and Grace met when they both were placed in their elementary school's gifted and talented classroom. Eric was in the 5th grade and Grace was in the 4th. They reconnected on Facebook after many years, they talked about the good ol' days. They reminisced about how Grace was living in a foster home during the years when they shared the same classroom teacher. Today, Eric is a radio personality and Grace is an author of over 30 books. Grace told Eric that she had found her mother two years ago and had just completed her new Finding Mother Series of 4 books, sharing the entire experience of the reunion. They both agreed to chat about Grace's journey of finding her mother after 49 years on Eric's radio show on KKUP 91.5 FM in Cupertino, CA.


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