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Important Parts of a Book

If you are a writer and thinking about writing or publishing a book, this article is going to be helpful. Today we are going to discuss some of the most important and basic parts of a book.

We have fragmented the whole inside-the-book structure into small steps that would lead to a perfect and publishable book. So let’s start.

The Starting Pages

The beginning pages contain some basic information or brief about what is the title of the book, the copyright declaration page and a page about acknowledgment or admiring those who supported.

Title Page:

The very first page of the book should be the title page. The title page should include the words of the title and the sub-title. It should also include the name, city, and state of the publisher along with the publisher’s logo or symbol.

The Copyright Page

The other side of the title page is called the credits or Copyright Page. This page includes any disclaimers, credits, and copyrights. It also includes the Library of Congress Pre-assigned Control Number (PCN) and the ISBN.

Acknowledgments & Dedications

Acknowledgments may consist of the author thanking those who have played an integral part in their life or those who have inspired or encouraged the author to follow the author’s dream to write the book.

In dedications, the author may choose to dedicate their book to someone very special in their life.

The Introduction Page

The introduction page is written by the author and introduces the book and its contents to the readers. It should convey:

  • The purpose of the book

  • Why the author wrote the book

  • What the book is all about

  • What the reader can expect to get out of the book

Pages in Between

These pages are the actual book contents. These pages should include a clear table of contents, page numbers, and title of the book on every page. It’s also recommended to start each new chapter on odd number pages.

Ending Pages of the Book

Several things may be included on the final pages, after the chapters or sections. The writer may choose one or more of these options, but, all of them are not necessary. These might include:

About the Author

It can be written by the author, but, expressed in the third party (as if someone else is saying it) and may include a photograph of the author.

Other Books by the Author

It’s optional but if the author has written some other books, they can be mentioned here.

Future Projects by the Author

If the Author has some projects in progress, this gives the readers something that they can look forward to.


This section may include specific resources such as websites, addresses, and/or names of organizations that the author used to research information for their book.

Contact Information

Contact information for the author may be placed at the end of the book as a way to specifically tell the readers how to order more copies of the book.


A glossary is a list of terms, usually listed in alphabetical order, and display the dictionary meaning of the term.


An index is an alphabetical listing of certain items found in the book with page numbers of where to find the items.

Learn more details about important parts of a book in the publication Steps to Producing Your Book by Grace LaJoy Henderson.

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