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The helpful solution for this situation…

Hello, I am Dr. Grace LaJoy Henderson,

Everything is very complicated now. You don’t really know what to do in this special situation. It is obvious that many of our students are having challenges doing school work from home. Everything is digital now and if the students have technical problems they are lost. What is the solution for this horrible time of the coronavirus? 

You give the students a positive book they will love to read. The problem is that you can’t just give students any book. As a parent-educator, you want your student to learn something from a book. What do children really learn for their life from books that are only designed for entertainment? Not very much.

You need a book that:

· students can identify with

· students can learn life lessons from

· helps students to understand different life circumstances

· inspires discussion and critical thinking

My books provide all of that for you. 

My website address is

I have two different book series:

· One for children (The Gracie Series)

· One for middle/high school (Finding Mother Series)

The Gracie Series is based on funny, engaging stories from my own life. They inspire young readers to use reason and analyze.

The Finding Mother Series is based on my actual experience of finding my mother after 49 years. 

Both series are perfect to read in school lessons. They even have discussion questions for the lessons.

In addition, my A Gifted Child in Foster Care: A Story of Resilience has been adopted by upper elementary and middle schools. The set comes with...

· Story Book

· Student Workbook 

· Teacher's Guide

The Story Book shares my story of living in foster care and overcoming a disadvantaged background. 

The Student Workbook includes a lesson for each chapter of the story book, and teaches vital reading comprehension skills and character education.

The Teacher's Guide is identical to the Student Workbook, except it includes the answers to the lessons, to make teaching easier.

With that being said, here is a special offer to make it easier for you to obtain my books for young learners during these unpredictable times:

Use Coupon Code SAVE20 to save 20% off all of my books!

Click now to my website and order so that you don’t miss this bargain.


Dr. Grace LaJoy Henderson

P.S. This offer ends this Friday, April 17, 2020. Don’t miss it. Oder now!


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